Our Steering Committee

Arpi Miller

Arpi Miller grew up in California in a family and community committed to human rights work and social justice. As the daughter of an Armenian Palestinian refugee, she grew up with constant stories of displacement, dispossession and migration. Following college, she moved to Guatemala to learn Spanish and better understand US intervention in Latin America. She stayed in the Western Highlands for two years working in a co-op of Guatemalan educators and activists. She returned to Los Angeles with a desire to study immigration and completed a doctorate in sociology at UCLA. During that time, she worked closely with Salvadoran immigrants in L.A. on issues of immigration justice and political change, traveling to Central America regularly with fact-finding delegations and elections observer teams. She began volunteering with Fuerza Latina during its DACA legal clinics in 2012 and stayed on as a volunteer coordinator with the hotline and ally education teams.

Erika Ramos

Erika Ramos is native to Jalisco, Mexico. She has 3 children; a 17-Year-old girl, another 11 year old girl, and a 6-Year-old boy and she’s a single mom.  She’s been living in the state of Colorado for 17. Erika graduated from the University of Guadalajara and obtained her Licence in Administration of Tourist Companies, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She likes to participate in Fuerza Latina and other groups where she can help the community. She also likes to help in her children’s schools. Her greatest dream is to see her children attend a university and have a career. She’s been a volunteer with Fuerza Latina for about 9 months and in her free time enjoys walking with her children and getting to know parts of Colorado which has beautiful places. She also likes to help in her church and the community where she lives any way she can.

Jesús Castro

Jesus is a DREAMer from Los Mochis Sinaloa, Mexico and has been living in Fort Collins, Colorado since 2008. He is a field organizer at Conservation Colorado. He has been part of the steering committee of Fuerza Latina since 2019. Much of his work involves DACA issues. He is currently part of the oversight team of the ISAAC Emergency Immigrant Fund and also serves as board member. Jesus is currently studying at Front range community college and plans to transfer to CSU to pursue a BA in political science.

Laurie Pasricha

Laurie was born and raised in Central California where she began to learn about the experience of immigrant communities through her classmates and their families, several of whom were migrant farm workers. She studied Spanish in high school and through many service trips to Mexico and study abroad in Ecuador, her love of the Spanish language and Latinx culture grew.  Laurie moved to Southern California after college where she taught Spanish and enjoyed living close to the beach! She completed her MA in Applied Cultural Anthropology at California State University, Long Beach focusing on community work and advocacy with immigrants and refugees. Her husband’s job brought her to Fort Collins 9 years ago. She currently spends her days chasing her two beautiful and energetic little girls and enthusiastically volunteering with Fuerza Latina.

Maria Castro

I am Maria Castro, I was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. I have 4 children and I studied and graduated with a career in Business Administration. I was administrator of a clothing company for over 15 years since before I graduated until the day I came to this country. Adapting to living here was a long and difficult process until we arrived in Colorado that has been the place where we feel welcome. We feel the need to return a little bit of what they have given to us and being part of Fuerza Latina gives us the opportunity to do something for others along with finding a new family.

Susan Moore

Susan grew up in California in the fifties and sixties, where her Cuban and Mexican godparents broadened her horizons with the gift of Spanish and a consciousness of Latinx culture.  In the late sixties she officially studied anthropology at the University of California in Riverside, but was primarily a student and activist in the turbulent social movements of the era. She moved to Fort Collins, Colorado with her partner Jon Slutsky in 1972, where she found a place in the local community activist group at The Point Community Center. She acquired a degree in Animal Science at Colorado State University and she and Jon have operated a dairy farm for nearly forty years. Working with immigrant employees has provided a close-up education on racism in the United States and kept her working for social justice in this country.<br /> For nurturance and pleasure, she has the companionship of her partner Jon and daughter Raisa, and enjoys her garden, reading, and quilt making as well as old friends and the new ones she meets in the fight against the threat we are now confronting.